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1796 MS~ 64 10C Draped Bust Dime - Small Eagle

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1796 Bust Dime -- NGC MS64

Rare This Choice. The "Hyphenated Date" Variety. Always popular as the first year of regular-issue federal dimes. The JR-6 die marriage is the second-most available 1796 variety, yet it is scarce in Choice Uncirculated condition such as this coin. A ring of blue and reddish-tan album toning surrounds the obverse, with partially reflective fields and a frosted portrait of Liberty. Numerous die cracks include a pair of intersecting cracks with die chipping at the date (the so-called "hyphenated date"). The central strike is sharp despite die cracks that radiate to the centers of both sides. CDN Collectors Price Guide for a common date coin in this series...$60,500.


1796 MS~ 64 10C Draped Bust Dime - Small Eagle

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