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1800 MS~ 64 S$1 Bust Dollar - Large Eagle Dotted Dt

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1800 Dotted Date Silver Dollar - NGC MS64

Likely third finest known. Ex: Eliasberg. B-14, BB-194, R.3. Die State IV. This is the well-known Dotted Date variety, so named for the small die chips that encircle the first 0. Bowers comments in his Silver Dollar Encyclopedia that "tiny dot-like die breaks appear in many other places, particularly between L and I, under nose, before chin, below first star, and under the 6th and 7th stars. The steel used to make this die must have been defective." This coin is mostly grayish-gold with tinges of pinkish-gold appearing on the reverse along with a bit of electric blue.


1800 MS~ 64 S$1 Bust Dollar - Large Eagle Dotted Dt

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