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1838 PF~ 67 P50C Patterns J-72

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1838 50C Judd-72 -- NGC PF67 (J-72)

Mintage Unknown. Finest Known Proof. Judd-72, Pollock-75, R.5. A draped bust of Liberty facing left wears a diadem and a hair ribbon inscribed LIBERTY. The date appears below the bust with 13 stars around. The reverse presents an eagle with distinctive feathers, holding an olive branch and four arrows in its talons. Struck in silver with a reeded edge and medal-turn die alignment. Both dies are crisp with no evidence of die lapping, clash marks, cracks, or rust marks. The centers of this Superb Gem proof exhibit reddish-orange patina within a frame of light blue and violet toning. The fields are fully mirrored beneath the toning, with lustrous devices and a hint of contrast. NGC has certified two examples as PR67, the other one designated as a Cameo proof (3/13).


1838 PF~ 67 P50C Patterns J-72

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