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Welcome to which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swiss America Trading Corporation. For nearly 40 years Swiss America has been providing people the best quality service, and product in the industry. As things have certainly changed over the last several years we recognize that part of that change involves the needs of our customers like you. This online resource is here to provide you with a convenient way to make quick, easy online purchases to best fit your busy life & lifestyle.


Silver American Eagle
$22.46 More Info
Mexico 50 Pesos
$1,786.43 More Info
Gold American Eagles - 1/2 Ounce Coin
$697.08 More Info
French 20 Franc Napoleon
$280.12 More Info
Holland 10 Guilders
$306.73 More Info
Gold Canadian Maple Leafs
$1,362.90 More Info
Gold American Eagles - 1/10 Ounce Coin
$139.42 More Info
Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
$20.27 More Info
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Current Spot Prices:

Gold: $1275.40

Silver: $14.96

Platinum: $903.00

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